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Happy New Year!

23 Jan

Philippians 2 is an excellent resolution to make.  We are not keen on making New Year resolutions, but on constantly keeping ourselves in check with how the Lord wants us to live.  The definition for “resolute” is : very determined: having or showing a lot of determination.  A synonym of resolute is “faithful”.


08 Dec

“The saying is trustworthy and deserving of full acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am the foremost.” (1 Timothy 1:15)…Jason’s favorite “Christmas” Bible verse.  The GREAT news is that the Jesus came, as a man in history, to save sinners.  This is Great because I am a sinner who […]

Fall Ministry begins…

23 Sep

M2M is into week two of the  Parables study from Luke’s Gospel.  We meet at Monday at 1900 (7PM) in the multipurpose room in the Chapel on the Air Base  and Wednesday at 1900 (7PM) in the Reagan Center on the Naval Weapons Station.  We look forward to growing with you in Christ!  Questions? Contact […]